Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Announced...

This summer, I will be attending the 2010 Canadian 80s Toy Expo! I am completely excited... I got to go last year as a last minute guest, along side good friend, and famed Art Director/Lead Character designer of CN's Transformers Animated - Derrick Wyatt!!! I am honored to be invited by Colin Douglas to participate, and especially proud to be coming home for such an event, because after all... I AM CANADIAN!!!

Behind The Voice Actors

A fan of GI JOE: Resolute had recently sent me a link to this cool website... - This site is fantastic!!! It has hundreds of short audio clips of cartoon characters retro and recent, along with voiceover artist profiles!!! A great tribute site for any fans of animation - it allows you to listen and compare performances of characters, that have been played by numerous actors! I was lucky enough to be added to GI JOE section for my portrayal of DESTRO, along the likes of talented VO artist Maurice LaMarche, and the first person to ever voice the character [and the best in my opinion] Arthur Burghardt!!!

Click the image bellow to listen and compare!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


You need to see this.... I had the privilege of doing voices in ep03 of the hit web-series LARKMART, created by the multi-talented Aaron Simpson. Larkmart, is one of the latest shows that can be seen on the Mondo Mini Shows web-network!!!

now watch it again... MOD style...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last year I had the opportunity to work with the amazing 6 Point Harness Animation Studios [check out their site - they have a NEW kick-ass reel] on The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!! I got to work on a variety of scenes, but I gotta say I had the most fun working on all the Hanna Barbera stuff! Congrats again to all that worked on it!!! Go out and buy it today... and tell me how good or bad my drawings were ;)

Why the internet is poison...

WOW.... REALLY??? SCREEN GRABBIN FACEBOOK QUOTES??? The world is going to end in 2012... and this is how far we've come??? How delightfully creepy!!! Are we that bored? Its JUST cartoons people!

Hey folks, sorry if I offended anyone on Cartoon Brew... I didn't mean to single any particular group out - what I sho
uld've written was, the ENTIRE INTERNETS is full of weirdos, not just the Brew... its true, I'm one of them - the fact that writing a response makes me guilty as charged!!!

What I wrote on facebook was something that was written in the heat of the moment - something written to defend a friend that works on the show, and was completely devastated by the thrashing it took. It was only meant for one person, and one person only - not for internet fodder... but if it helps make your day go by faster, then you're welcome. But why should one person's feelings (or an entire crew of people) matter right? A job is a job and people are entitled to their opinions - not everyone's gonna love it.

I totally forgot that aside from being human, I also happen to be a professional working in the animation industry - but ask anyone working in cartoons, its hard to try and separate yourself from your work, and friends - especially in the animation community [like any career choice you're passionate about, it becomes your life]... it's also such a small, small world... and it gets even smaller especially on facebook (apparently)... you can't even fart without people knowing. So being a person that leads 2 lives, Professional and Personal - I should be aware of what mode to be in, and mind my words... lesson learned!!!

The thing about Looney Tunes is.... NO BODY will ever be able to live up to original... Not even the guys that did it back in the 30's and 40's could... even in it's original run, Looney Tunes changed so much from the day it started to the end of production... and then we had Baby Looney Tunes, and then Looney Tunes from Outer Space... big deal, depending on the times, the show will change wether we like it or not... All we can really do is to try our best, to make something that will appeal to a new generation and keep them interested, period. It's hard enough to find any Looney Tunes on TV as it is. And hey, if ya don't like the new crap... pop in a classic DVD and watch that instead.

At the end of the day, I just don't get why a website that's supposed to support animation is out to get everything that's trying so hard to be creative before it even sees the light of day??? Its rare that anyone gets to work on anything as cool as this, so rather than suffocate the poor puppy, let it live... Who knows, ya might like it, OR maybe it will inspire the next wave of people to make something even better!!!

Oh well, what do I know anyway? I'm just a handsome face, with the voice of an angel....

Peace, Love, and Happiness... BAUZA