Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Nasty Bastard...

...Mr. Pungent Puss!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff from Ripping Friends.

Oh, and Eric, I had two questions:

1. What is it with Spumco and nipples? On every Spumco cartoon I've seen, a character has something on where their nipples should be (on Stimpy's Pregnant, that sheep nurse had two crosses on her boobs, and here on "Ripping Friends", Pungent Puss had the two P's on his nipples. What's with that, anyway?

2. Have you seen the PussyCow cartoon on YouTube? It's pretty weird, and I like it. If only it was finished.

"Who wants some milk yoddle-o-hoo-hoo, Pussycow milk yoddle-o-hoo-hoo? The lactose comes from a cow but the great taste comes from the pussy in meeeeeEEEEee!

Who wants some miiiiiiiiiiiiillllk?"

Eric Bauza said...

HAHAHAHA - good observation. I agree!!! Spumco has always been a studio that sets trends and styles that have always made their way into many modern cartoons. Here are some examples...

The Cartoon Butt Crack
The Cartoon Big Veiny Eyeballs
The Cartoon Painted Gross-Out Close Up Shot
The Cartoon Spinal Chord
The Cartoon Liver Spot with hair growing out of it
The Cartoon Gritted Teeth, with Big Under Bite Jaw

and John K's favorite...

The Cartoon Big Finger

I'm sure if you watch Ren & Stimpy you can find a billion others to add to the list.