Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Behind The Voice Actors

A fan of GI JOE: Resolute had recently sent me a link to this cool website... - This site is fantastic!!! It has hundreds of short audio clips of cartoon characters retro and recent, along with voiceover artist profiles!!! A great tribute site for any fans of animation - it allows you to listen and compare performances of characters, that have been played by numerous actors! I was lucky enough to be added to GI JOE section for my portrayal of DESTRO, along the likes of talented VO artist Maurice LaMarche, and the first person to ever voice the character [and the best in my opinion] Arthur Burghardt!!!

Click the image bellow to listen and compare!!!


jessicaLynn said...

ummm coooolllll!!!!! R U famous or something??

Eric Bauza said...

famous for causing all sorts of troublessssss

arlo ramz said...

try playing them all at once! crazy ! >_<